New Management Pack from op5 makes it easier to implement Linux server monitoring

op5 announces the release of a new Management Pack for server monitoring solution op5 Monitor. The release follows up on the successful launches of Management Packs for Microsoft, HP and Cisco and is designed to simplify the deployment of Linux server monitoring.

The new Linux Management Pack has been designed to help kick-starting professional supervision of advanced Linux server environments, monitoring services such as disk usage, system load, swap usage, total processes, zombie processes and current users through NRPE. The Management Pack also simplifies change management by allowing changes made to the Management Pack to automatically update the monitoring of all Linux servers in the IT environment.

– Our Management Packs are greatly appreciated by system administrators and IT managers for simplifying the processes of adding and updating monitoring of a broad range of network devices. They offer direct time-savings but also help securing consistently high standards of quality monitoring across the environment over time. Our latest Management Pack extends these benefits also to Linux system administrators, says Jan Josephson, CTO at op5.

All op5 Management Packs are downloadable free of charge from the op5 Knowledge base. In addition to the predefined Management Packs available, op5 Monitor also offers sysadmins the freedom to create Management Packs based on their own needs and level of expertise.

Learn more about op5 Monitor Management Packs from the video ”Monitoring of Linux Servers with op5 Monitor”.

op5 offers server monitoring solutions that help IT gain control over their operations and deliver IT-services for better business. The product monitors everything for a small but business critical IT environment to fulfilling the needs from the very largest organization with distributed hardware, applications and services. op5 customers around the world appreciate fully supported solutions that are open and easy to get started with, yet flexible for future needs. For more information about op5:
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