Free WiFi access at Swedish Hockey League arenas provided by Bluecom, monitored by op5

The Swedish Hockey League, in collaboration with Bluecom, a Swedish company that provides innovative IT solutions, have offered free WiFi for all visitors to SHL arenas since 2013. Fans get to stay connected while watching their local teams – they’re able to post to social media, check their email or even review goals in real-time with SHL’s mobile site. When thousands of fans are accessing their secure WiFi networks on a regular basis, located all over Sweden, it’s more and more important for Bluecom to reduce downtime and accurately monitor their network status.

With smart monitoring provided by op5, Bluecom is able to keep in control of their extensive WiFi setups and verify the performance of their networks – they can receive alerts and reports to be able to proactively respond to problems, with real-time visibility of outages the second they occur.

“Bluecom and SHL’s fantastic initiative to supply free WiFi for arena visitors adds a lot of value for their fans, and we’re very proud to be a part of this cooperation. There are many technical and logistical challenges that are posed by having such a large framework of WiFi networks located across the country, which makes the op5 Monitor system an effective tool for Bluecom to stay in control of their infrastructure,” says Daniel Mauer, CEO at op5. “When it comes to network monitoring, analyses and reports are both key parts of our op5 Monitor which help Bluecom keep an eye out for potential problems in their networks.”

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