New Management Packs from op5 simplify monitoring of Google Apps status and Gmail mail servers

The Google Apps and Gmail mail server Management Pack from op5 provides checks for public Google mail servers, allowing server response to be matched so users know when the server is ready to process requests such as username and password validation or retrieving/sending emails. SMTP servers for Gmail and Google Apps are also included in the Google Apps and Gmail mail servers Management Pack.

op5’s innovative new Google Apps status Management Pack delivers the ability to monitor the status of Google Apps by using the Google status dashboard, an essential tool which enables users and businesses to monitor the current statuses of individual Google App services.

“Without proper monitoring, you might not discover what causes a slow mail server or long loading times, usually because you’re only monitoring the network devices and not the actual mail server. By keeping an eye on your Google apps and Gmail mail servers, you can monitor the status of these services and react quickly in case of outages. We believe that application performance monitoring is essential to ensure the productivity of your business and give you a complete view of all layers in your network, including mail servers,” says Andreas Månsson, Digital Marketing at op5

op5 continues to deliver Management Packs to the market that make it easier and less time consuming to deploy qualitative monitoring across the IT environment. Management Packs for Linux, Microsoft, Cisco, MongoDB, MySQL and Dell have already been released and have become a great success among system administrators.

op5 Monitor Management Packs for Google Apps and Gmail mail server, and Google Apps Status are now available at

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