Monitoring made easy with op5’s newest service: op5Live

op5 is proud to present our brand-new service called op5Live: a monitoring solution so simple that anyone can get started in minutes! You don’t need to be a sysadmin or have in-depth technical knowledge to use the service, making it the ideal solution for anyone who is reliant on 3rd party apps, web services or websites. Built “mobile first” with a fully responsive design, op5Live gives you full control no matter where you are.How your web services perform

Performance is actually a two-fold issue: when your own web services (like your company webpage) are slowed down, it has a huge impact on both your visitors’ experience and your SEO ranking. In both cases the rule is simple, a slow site will push your webpage down in Google ranking and visitors will have a less-than-ideal user experience. op5Live allows you to continuously monitor your web services, so as soon as there is trouble, you’ll know about it.

Solving the BYOS problem

The idea for op5Live was initially formed as a solution to the “BYOS” (Bring Your Own Service) challenge that more and more companies are encountering, as departments continue to bring in 3rd party services to help in their day-to-day operations. For example, an average Marketing department utilizes up to 65 different apps, sites and services to accomplish their everyday tasks. As enterprises become increasingly dependent on these outside tools, it makes a lot of sense to monitor availability, performance and status of the services and apps. If you can sign up to an app or a SaaS service – now with op5live you can monitor it. .

Why you need op5Live

The service is focused on basic monitoring tasks, like checking for content on a particular site, that certificates are up to date, checking DNS statuses, as well as comprehensive availability and performance monitoring. There are no agents to install, no complicated configuration and no expensive up-front costs. It can be run on its own or as an extension to op5 Monitor Enterprise. Since anyone in the company can get started with the service and manage their own monitoring, you also save time and resources for the IT department. If an app, site or service is down, it will be clear to the end user where the problem lies since it will be plainly displayed in op5Live. This means everyone spends less time contacting IT just to find out why things aren’t working properly – they can see for themselves which aspect of the service is causing problems.

What’s next

op5Live is available now with all the basic monitoring checks, and we will continue to develop the service to add more checks based on our user feedback, so please let us know what you think!

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