Birdstep launches advanced analytics platform for heterogeneous mobile networks

Birdstep Technology ( has today launched its 3rd generation SmartANALYTICS platform providing deep insights at the device and network level into mobile service quality of experience. The platform will enable MNOs (Mobile Network Operators), MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) and MSO Cable Operators to improve their quality of service across both Wi-Fi and cellular networks, and especially heterogeneous networks (HetNets) that combine both.

Currently most MNOs have a good view of activity across their own cellular networks over which they have full control. SmartANALYTICS will give the service provider the same level of monitoring, feedback and analytics across their whole expanding service footprint, including Wi-Fi networks as well as the device platforms themselves. It provides a solid foundation for emerging HetNets, enabling operators to deliver the best possible experience, at all times, regardless of the network the user is on, allowing too the creation of new revenue opportunities.

“Operators have to recognize that only 20-40% of the total mobile data consumed on mobile devic­es is now carried over cellular networks, with the remainder going over Wi-Fi networks of some kind,” said Lonnie Schilling, Birdstep CEO. “Furthermore, in cel­lular networks, at least 40% of the information about the service can only be retrieved from the devices themselves. SmartANALYTICS gets all the information operators need from the device itself, hence reflecting the actual user experience and enabling operators to correlate this with network data to analyse the overall quality of service and identify how best to improve it.”

SmartANALYTICS collects a wide range of information, including where the end user is consuming mobile data, how much data is consumed, and how long the user stays on a given network that has been clearly identified by the system. The information gained can be used to determine and visualize traffic pat­terns and app usage, as well as undesired network behaviors, which in turn can be applied to optimize a HetNet environment and the user experience.

Operators can gain insight into factors that affect revenue generation, such as low device battery life, and then take actions to remedy these, for example by implementing intelligent Wi-Fi power management. SmartANALYTICS can also identify opportunities for MNOs to up-sell for increased revenue, which could be by offering attractively priced mobile data plans to users who have selected the lowest tier data plans but generate a lot of Wi-Fi traffic and actively seek out hot spots. With SmartANALYTICS operators can readily identify these target subscriber groups that consume a lot of Wi-Fi data and might be ripe for upselling.

There is also scope for MVNOs to cut costs, by discovering more about network usage and identifying where tariffs paid to MNOs can be reduced by offloading to Wi-Fi. For both MNOs and MVNOs, Smart Analytics can help deliver Experience Continuity, giving users the best connection wherever they are with transparent and automatic handover between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.


About Birdstep Technology

Birdstep Technology ( delivers Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) optimization solutions to operators and OEMs worldwide. The award-winning Smart Mobile Data solutions allow operators and OEMs to provision, analyze, select, control, and commercialize Wi-Fi and cellular networks in order to deliver Experience Continuity to their customers. Birdstep is listed on Oslo Stock Exchange.

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