Safegate Group relies on op5 Monitor to stay proactive

With 40 years of experience at the world’s busiest airports, Safegate Group is a global company offering a complete range of solutions for increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to more than 1300 airports worldwide.

Since they choose to prioritize and focus on their customers and not internal IT, any IT solutions must be offered in a standardized and cost effective way to their 300+ end users at their 25 offices around the globe. To add an additional challenge to their IT infrastructure, the Safegate Group internal IT is a team of made up of only two people, located at their HQ in Malmö. This means that they need to be proactive and automate as much as they can to save time. op5 Monitor has been the ideal solution to keep Safegate Group’s IT running smoothly.

“op5 Monitor has helped us be proactive instead of reactive in regards to network monitoring at all levels. We know if there is an issue on the way centrally, regionally or locally before the end users know it,” says Lars Norling, Global IT Coordinator at Safegate.

“Since we work in different time zones, an added benefit for us is also the possibility to see the throughput we have at different times and then be able to plan our service windows thereafter. With the new app the monitoring system is also always available in our pockets, decreasing the stress level outside of our normal office hours.”

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Lars Norling, Global IT Coordinator at Safegate International, lars.norling(a)

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