​op5’s Professional Services team brings monitoring to the next level

Many enterprises have highly specialized monitoring needs, especially when dealing with massive amounts of data. op5 Monitor is ideally suited to meet those requirements, offering flexible and scalable monitoring. Our expert Professional Services team can unlock the full potential of an op5 Monitor system – our technicians can customize plugins, build extensive monitoring solutions from the ground up and tailor alerts, displays and notifications to unique specifications.

In our recent customer case study, our Professional Services expert explains how the team stepped up to a major challenge posed by a large retail customer: create and implement a custom monitoring solution that can handle massive amounts of data and display all the necessary alerts in an easy overview.

First, we needed to create a solid proof of concept for a comprehensive monitoring system – there were no truly unified monitoring tools in place and they recognized that it was necessary to begin monitoring business critical flows. These flows included daily price adjustments, which were completed every morning and passed through a variety of systems, including Oracle Retail Merchandise Operations Management and other in-house developed application systems.

Without monitoring to keep an eye on the flow of information, data could occasionally get held up due to errors and they couldn’t identify where items got stuck in the queue. It could take days to find the problem, causing unnecessary delays in the rollout of price changes and ultimately impacting the client’s business.

The original proof of concept consisted of visualization for one of their flows – this small strategic starting point was then expanded to include up to 50 different flows. With thousands of products and hundreds of thousands of customers at stake, it was essential that the monitoring solution be extremely scalable and flexible, but also reliable and robust. Massive amounts of data were produced which had to be displayed in an efficient format for quick checks of the overview. op5’s Professional Services team was able to customize an appropriate display and develop specialty plugins tailored to the customer’s needs.

“The underlying components in op5 Monitor communicate with the customer’s internal environment, including network equipment, application servers and in-house developed APIs,” said op5 consultant Misu Pajor. “This enabled us to produce a lot of information that was very valuable for the client.”

In addition to the newly implemented flows, the Business Service Management feature in op5 Monitor allows the client to focus on monitoring health and performance of their critical business processes. When they realized how flexible the system was, the client rapidly expanded the solution to handle all necessary demands.

op5 offers server monitoring solutions that help IT staff gain control over their operations and deliver more effective IT services for better business. Whether operating in a small but business critical IT environment or fulfilling the needs of a large organization with distributed hardware, applications and services, the op5 products monitor anything and everything. op5 customers around the world benefit from fully-supported solutions that are open and easily implemented, yet scalable for future needs. For more information about op5: http://www.op5.com
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