op5 is a proud sponsor of OWASP Gothenburg Day 2015

On December 8th, the IT industry’s foremost security experts will be attending a full day of speeches, presentations and workshops hosted by OWASP Gothenburg, the local chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project. Earlier this week, they announced their full roster of speakers in anticipation for the event. With more than a decade dedicated to increasing awareness of IT security, op5 is honored to be a sponsor of OWASP Day.

OWASP Gothenburg Day promises to be an action-packed event with an ambitiously busy schedule – the speakers include Dr. Marie Moe, Dr. Mario Heiderich, Dr. Martin Johns and Offensive Security Certified Professional Michele Orrú and the event will be extended into the evening, giving attendees the chance to mingle and talk security with other experts in their field.

“We’ve always considered IT security to be one of our top priorities and will continue to do so,” said Jan Josephson, CTO at op5. “We strive to offer products that strike a balance between safety, security and flexibility, without sacrificing performance. We’re keenly aware of just how vital IT security is for our customers. OWASP is a fantastic initiative and we’re proud to be a sponsor of this year’s Gothenburg event.”

The OWASP Gothenburg chapter was founded in 2011 and has focused on increased security awareness among developers, project managers and IT security personnel by offering interesting presentations and demonstrations on security. They offer their community members an arena where they can meet like-minded people, share ideas and discuss the latest security advancements.

“op5′s long-term commitment to IT security is a perfect match for OWASP Gothenburg,” said Mattias Jidhage, OWASP Gothenburg board.

To participate in OWASP Gothenburg Day on December 8th 2015, you can register here. Discounted prices are available for early bird purchase. For more information about OWASP Gothenburg Day, please visit the website.

To read more about op5’s commitment to security, please view our whitepaper “op5 Monitor – The Secure Way to Monitor”.

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