Timer Group improves business with a single unified view of web services

Timer Group AB offers cloud-based services in Work Force Management, Booking, and HRM features. The services are easy to use with a unique and simple interface and overall straightforward user experience. However, when things are designed to look and feel easy for the user, this generally means that the backend is an advanced stack of integrated systems on different platforms and with direct integration points to 3rd party systems. 

”We started using op5 Monitor for our internal monitoring two years ago and it gives us great detail on the status of everything from Operating System and the database layer, to the web-based applications we develop. However, the detailed view from the internal monitoring needed to be complemented with external monitoring to get the customer perspective. We have tried several 3rd party services to complement the internal monitoring over the years, all with the usual drawbacks of having multiple tools and screens so that we have had to manually correlate events and data to get the overall view,” says Peter Östlin, Head of Operations at Timer Group AB.

“When op5Live.com was launched, we were early adopters and today we monitor all our external services with op5Live in conjunction with op5 Monitor Enterprise, and the result is great. The setup was very simple and as a result, today we have a single view with all the event, performance and business critical data available on one screen that anyone in our company, can see and understand,” continues Mr. Peter Östlin.

“We can implement tons of cool features and functions in our services, but if the user sees that the performance is affected, it really hurts our business more than anything. op5Live is a great and simple way for us to experience our service in the exact same way as our users. Another very good feature is the ability to have our services monitored from multiple geographical locations, since we have user accessing from many countries and this gives us a true view of the state of our services.”

op5 Monitor Enterprise and op5Live are easily integrated, sharing the same architecture, backend and core technology. The integration is done via a highly secure API. Everything is pre-packaged, so getting the system to connect is done easily with “click and save”.

op5live.com starts at a free level for monitoring three services and has pricing options that are as scalable as the product itself.

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