New Management Packs from op5 simplify monitoring of Google Apps status and Gmail mail servers

The Google Apps and Gmail mail server Management Pack from op5 provides checks for public Google mail servers, allowing server response to be matched so users know when the server is ready to process requests such as username and password validation or retrieving/sending emails. SMTP servers for Gmail and Google Apps are also included in the Google Apps and Gmail mail servers Management Pack. Läs mer

Liberty Global bygger 100G metronät med Transmodes TM-Series

Transmode, en global leverantör av paketbaserade optiska nätlösningar, meddelar idag att Liberty Global, världens största internationella kabelTV-operatör har börjat bygga 100G nät i Europa med Transmodes TM-Series plattform. Liberty Global’s nya 100G metro- och regionalnät är avsedda att hantera den ökande trafikkapacitet som företagsgruppens olika verksamheter kräver.

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Free WiFi access at Swedish Hockey League arenas provided by Bluecom, monitored by op5

The Swedish Hockey League, in collaboration with Bluecom, a Swedish company that provides innovative IT solutions, have offered free WiFi for all visitors to SHL arenas since 2013. Fans get to stay connected while watching their local teams – they’re able to post to social media, check their email or even review goals in real-time with SHL’s mobile site. When thousands of fans are accessing their secure WiFi networks on a regular basis, located all over Sweden, it’s more and more important for Bluecom to reduce downtime and accurately monitor their network status. Läs mer

op5 joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

op5, a leading enterprise server monitoring company, today announced it has joined the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program. Members of the TAP program collaborate with VMware to deliver innovative solutions for virtualization and cloud computing. The diversity and depth of the TAP ecosystem provides customers with the flexibility to choose a partner with the right expertise to satisfy their unique needs. Läs mer

Kombination med Infinera skapar större värde – Pod

Transmodes största ägare Pod Investment tror att sammanslagningen med amerikanska Infinera är industriellt riktigt att göra och menar att bolagen tillsammans har möjlighet att skapa ett större värde än om Transmode fortsätter som självständigt bolag. Läs mer

op5’s IT monitoring solution helps keep Scania rolling

Swedish transport giant Scania has a unique challenge when it comes to their IT environment: with more than 1200 people working in IT, scattered across multiple production sites and growing year-to-year, a unified monitoring system that can scale out is an absolute requirement. They are also constantly developing and improving their IT systems and processes to keep up with changes in the demanding transport industry, so their monitoring solution must be agile and flexible, ideally allowing them to develop customized add-ons to their exact specifications. Läs mer

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